Oliver Sin

It's Nice That / HTC

The Pursuit of Brilliance


It's Nice That hosted an evening of talks for HTC about The Pursuit of Brilliance to mark the UK launch of the HTC One M9. The sold-out event saw digital pioneer Nicolas Roope, writer and architect Sam Jacob, body architect Lucy McRae and HTC Creative Director Daniel Hundt share their insights into how creative thinking can surpass the mundane and predictable to become something truly special.

I was invited by It's Nice That to help visually represent the four speaker's talks with a fun and abstract animation.

Originally created to a 1:1 square ratio and adapted for 16:9 widescreen.


Designs and Concepts


Art Direction It's Nice That
Storyboard Artist - Paul Layzell
Design - Oliver Sin
Animation - Oliver Sin / Tom Stockley
Sound Design - Karl Sadler
Sound Recording - Remi Stewart